Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When it comes to looking for a job in jaipur, India Hire in a day name serves the best recruiting firm. It is a Hiring agency catering to heterogeneous job seekers as well as recruiters in India helping them to recruit quality manpower. Brand companies frequently opt our services to hire professionals from different segments worldwide, supported by our network of our office.

HIRE IN A DAY is a Private Recruitment Agency. In simple terms, we work for suitable qualified candidates for current vacancies in various organizations. We work to provide the exact skilled person to the organization which is needed. If your skills fit the requested criteria then there may be chances to shortlist you and invite you for either a preliminary interview with HIRE IN A DAY or direct with the relevant organization, providing you’re the best you deserve.

We have direct tie-up with the companies i.e. our clients to whom we provide services. There are no fee charges for the candidates. When we place a candidate to particular a clients organization we charge from them a percentage of candidates annual CTC.

If your profile matches according to our client's requirements, you can expect a call from us for an interview. By making an account it will also allow you to find the right job, which keeps on notifying you whenever a new job is posted.

Just simply click on MY RESUME, create an account there and then upload your resume. If you are already registered with us, then please upload your updated resume, so that recruiters may know exactly what you are and what you need.

Once you meet the needs of the recruiters, our process starts immediately and within a week or two we schedule your interview.

If there are some questions left which are not answered below or and you wanted to give feedback then for details you can visit our contact us page.

Your first impression is what the last is, so here in HIAD you may be invited to attend various interviews of different styles. At first your preliminary interview will be conducted at our office for screening. It is important for you to dress up appropriately, be humble in front of the recruiter and always sit erect. Always carry a hard copy of your Resume with all relevant documents.

We assist you by providing the best suitable candidate according to your specification within a week. Hire in a day is a consultancy which offers you services at a very low rate. For that you have to register with us. There are packages you can opt according to which you get services.

For employers: they must first sign up and create their account on HIRE IN A DAY. After that they have to opt for a job package which contains number of jobs which they can post.