Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy (“Policy”) informs you about how HIRE IN A DAY processes information collected from you during the activities of recruitment or from other sources, how HIRE IN A DAY processes your Personal information during its recruitment activities, and what are the rights which you have in relation to such data or information. “Personal Data” generally means information relating to you or another identifiable individual like: Name, Contact number, Email id, date of birth, address etc. HIRE IN A DAY assures to protect and secure your personal information. If we place you in a company, any further details of yours or we can say your personal information collected by us or generated is our prime concern to protect it from unauthorized individuals.

What kind of personal data does HIRE IN A DAY COLLECTS:

Personal data which is collected and hold by us is reasonably necessary in order to process further and to perform our functions and activities being an employment agency and on-hire firm and is likely to differ depending on whether you are:

  • A job-seeker
  • A Client.
Information which you provide us:
  • As a Job-seeker: Whenever you visit our portal or create an account in HIRE IN A DAY or interact with us, we ask you to provide your basic information i.e. your name, address ( permanent/ current), your contact details, email address, your education qualification, skills, your CV, area of interest and many more just to know you better, a kind of job you required and according to your skills which company is best suited for you.
  • As a Client: For clients we need necessary data to manage and provide best services to them. They need to register themselves by choosing a package. The details we need from them must include: Contact details, Job descriptions, Job titles, Organizational charts, Banking details, Purchase orders, Names of team members and related parties.
For what purpose your information is being used:

HIRE IN A DAY will collect process and store your Personal Data for the purposes of HIRE IN A DAY’s recruitment or resourcing activities. The data is being supplied to help you obtain the best service for you.

We also require your personal data & information to understand your needs and provide you services with better results. Purpose is:

  • We keep the record of every individual in our database which may also be helpful to improve our services.
  • We use data to set up and conduct interviews and assessments, to select and recruit applicants. Also we contact third party references which were provided by you to evaluate your previous performances.
  • We need your information to contact you via. Email, SMS or call, about latest vacancies which may be useful to you or we believe it may be of your interest.
  • We periodically send promotional emails or SMS to you which may be interesting for you and keeps you aware about current vacancies according to your requirements.
  • If HIRE IN A DAY finds genuine need to transfer your data to authorized third parties for technically accessing your Personal Data in the course of providing their services but we restricts them from processing it for other use. HIRE IN A DAY also ensures them to act consistently with this Policy and to use security measures to protect your Personal Data.
Safeguarding Your Personal Data:
  • Information collected by us or provided by you will not be sold, rented or licensed to anyone else.
  • Privacy is the key concern of HIRE IN A DAY.
  • We strive to protect data transmitted online data transmitted over the internet cannot be guaranteed to be 100% secure, we do not warrant the security of personal data transmitted over internet, but we make every possible efforts to make it secure on our own systems.
  • We also limit access our database to the authorized person also until there is a justified need to access.