Terms & Condition

HIRE IN A DAY selects and places candidates providing them employmenteither permanentlyor temporarily to the client on the following terms and conditions:

  • 1. Companies/ Institutes or any other Organization has to mail their Requirements to HIRE IN A DAY (E-mail: info@HIAD.in )

  • 2. An agreement will be forwarded to the clients over the mail which has to be signed by them, after that team will proceed on the requirements.

  • 3. Service charges are5% of annual CTC of a candidate (Excluding statutory payments i.e. PF, Super annotation & Bonus) includingGST.

  • 4. If the annual CTC is equal or below I lac then flat 5000/- will be charged from the client for the particular recruitment.

  • 5. In case the candidate leaves service on his / her own within 3 months, substitute will be provided to the company, without any charges. For that we need a scanned copy of resignation letter from you signed by the respective candidate.

  • 6. We are not responsible for any do not mislead criminal or misconduct records or acts of the candidates selected / referred by us nor we are responsible for any legal dispute between the company and the candidate.

  • 7. If a candidate referred by us is not selected & later we find that he / she is working for the company within 12 months from their first interview Conducted, then it will be considered a placement through HIRE IN A DAY and the company will have to pay the requisite Charges.

  • 8. We assure you to provide the best suitable candidate for your company but once you hired someone whose performance is not according to your needs, then our organization will not bear the loss. It’s completely your responsibility.


  • 9. We would place your bill via. valid E-mail of our organization on the very same day of the recruitment of the candidate by the name of HIRE IN A DAY.

  • 10. All the charges including GST (if any) have to be paid by the client which has been invoiced to them via. valid E-mailby the Company within 15 days from the commencement date of a candidate with a client.

  • 11. If there is a delay or a client does not make payment within15 days after the candidate employment, then the client will have null and voided the guarantee period.

  • 12. It is mandatory to make the payment within 15 days of date of invoice, if not it will be considered as the exploitation of the rules.

  • 13. All charges and fees shown under this agreement are inclusive of GST and must be paid by the client receiving the benefit of the Company’s services.

  • 14. Any disagreement or claims applied by a client on petty issues or anything after the agreement will not be entertained.

  • 15. It will be considered as theunprofessional behavior if the client withholdsthe payment of any money owed to the company.


  • 16. The information of the candidates supplied by us to client’s organization is strictly confidential and should not be disclosed to any third party without the written consent of the company.

  • 17. The confidential details provided by us to the client may be accessed by its own team members or agents in order to complete the placement formalities of the candidate.